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Because of the state of the pork industry, the Blues have filed for chapter 12 reorganizational bankruptcy and one day they may be forced to sell their farm. Lyndsay said, “American farmers have really had it rough with no help from our government. The government needs to worry more about the American product…NAFTA has killed us. If we have six million pigs in the U.S., we certainly don’t need any pigs from Canada.”
Carol Hunt, of Milton, leaves a Handy House before the Boston Pops Concert at the Hatch Shell in Boston.
Ron Luce prays with teenagers who came forward during an alter call at Acquire the Fire, a evangelical Christian event aimed at bringing teenagers back into the religious fold.
Portrait of David Gray, at Avalon Superclub in Boston.  Gray is in town promoting his upcoming album, “Life in Slow Motion.”
Mae Smith, of Smith's Grove, bottom center is surrounded by family who came to celebrate Smith’s 102nd birthday.  There is no known connection between Smith’s and the original Smith the town is named after.  However, at 102, Smith is the oldest living resident of the town.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Scott Webb, from Lynn but stationed in Washington DC, dances with his girlfriend, Tiffany Truesdale of Whidbey Island, Washington during the song,
Michel Gondry, writer and director of
Untitled -- March, 2005
Singer/Songwriter Eilen Jewell
Steve Minyard stands in the place where his house once stood September 16, in Meraux, La.  Spread out on stoop are all the items which he could salvage from the wreckage left after the wind and flooding of Hurricane Katrina.  Among the keepsakes Minyard was especially intent on finding were pictures of his sister who died little over a year ago.  Minyard shared the house in St. Bernard Parish with his fiancee Jessica Marques Piazza and the two had returned Friday to gather their belongings.
FBI Director Robert Mueller.
Perry Boyd, 45, of Richardsville, Ky., lost his right eye six years ago when a neighbor shot him with a 20-gauge shotgun as he slept.  Bad relations were fostered between the two after Boyd threatened to go to court over a sex-for-drugs relationship between Boyd’s daughter and the neighbor.  After Boyd was shot he was awarded an accidental injury insurance claim and immediately purchased two more guns with the money.  Despite the injury, Boyd does not believe in gun control.  “It isn’t the guns; it is the coward behind the gun,” Boyd said.
Andrea Caldwellz.
Christian Blue plays on the floor of his family’s home in Campbellsville Ky. with his sister Aubry Blue (background).
David Wax and Suz Slezak of the David Wax Museum
Jo Ann “Elf” Pessagno, 57, leads a clothing-optional interfaith service Sunday at Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Fla.
Douglas Schwartz works on his rock sculptures along the shoreline of the Mount Lorretto Unique Area in Staten Island.  Schwartz considers his work
Boston Celtics forward, Ryan Gomes.
The 12,000 foot summit of La Nin and stars of the Southern Cross.
An inmate prays before his morning meeting at Roederrer Correctional Complex in La Grange, KY
Portrait ofAnna Ludlow, 7, on the dock at Hiram Blake Camp in Harborside, Maine.  Anna is the daughter of Deb and Dave Ludlow who own and operate the camp and often becomes a temporary member of whichever group is visiting the camp.
Members of the Berryhill family (who did not want to be identified by their first names) stare out at the devastion of their old neighborhood in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, Tuesday January 17 2006.  Directly behind their car is the lot where the Berryhill's home used to sit until the levee protecting the neighborhood was breached by flood waters from Hurricane Katrina sending a wave of water into the neighborhood and destroying their home.
Noah Morrow, 7, and his grandmother Mary Thomas, right, look through the class assignments at Sanders Elementary, Wednesday, trying to find which second grade class Noah will be assigned to.   Noah said that he did his hair specially for registration and that it didn't normally look as nice.
Portrait of singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA.
According to a 2000 Core Institue Alcohol and Drug survey,college freshman consume, on average, little over six alcoholic drinks per week. “Everyone should go out and party because it improves their social lives. If I couldn’t get messed up life wouldn’t be worth living,” Kyle Cornwell said, pictured with is girlfriend Cassia Pardue at an off campus party in Bowling Green, Ky. Both are freshman at Western Kentucky University.
Jaimie Hart, 10, of Saftey Harbor jumps off the diving board into the pool at the Trinity YMCA during the final days of May.  Hart was visiting the pool with friends who say they like diving off the diving board because they can jump in the air, feel the wind on their face and make a big splash.
As doctors and family talked about treatment options, Bessie Davis, 95, laid silently in her bed at the Edmonson Health Care Center, holding her daughter-in-law's hand.  Without much discussion, the decision was made not to send Davis back to the hospital to treat her circulation problems which landed her in the nursing home approximately 10 years ago.
As their families put the finishing touches on a dinner of grilled hot dogs and root beer floats, Kari Yader (left), Leah Wagler, 7, (center) holding Bethany Hofstetler and Rosie Lengacher, 9,(right) holding Jenna Yader used the last minutes of sunlight to play in the field surrounding their schoolhouse in Summersville, Ky.  The families are part of a larger 22-family Mennonite community who get together two or three times a year for cookouts and softball.