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Creative Media for the Greater Good 

I am a visual storyteller dedicated to producing compelling messages in any medium (photos, videos, well-grown food...) with a particular yen for work that connects us to each other and deepens our connection to the natural environment.  

I believe that creativity can give elegant, human and delightful answers to the most complex problems in the world. 

My mission: To create distinctive and impactful work that generates attention, capital and success for people engaged in work that moves humanity forward – sustainable agriculture, the environment, journalism, social justice, the arts, science, technology and education. 

All of my projects are scalable and customizable for any budget. Anyone with a passion, mission, or message is encouraged to inquire. 

Although Boston is my base, I’m proud to call Asheville, NC home. Outside of telling stories, my joys in life are simple – my farm, a well-cooked meal, quiet time with a book, traveling and marveling at life with my wife and two amazing kids, Wendell, 5 and Auden, 2.